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”At Sea” Five Movements for Violin, coming October, 2019
Akosuen + Cinchel (Scripts Records)
Man in Motion, collaboration with Daniel Tovar and Fyodor Sakhnovski
Akosuen + Himelstein Lapse: Live at Experimental Sound Studio
Adams/Howard/Lyons: Live at Elastic Arts
We do what we can (installation)
A Memory Palace of Fear (podcast and installation)
Olion (film score)

a pe ri od ic More or Less

NbN Trio

The Paver
TrustCapolavoro, Bad News EP, The Paver

Coppice/The Paver
Hoist Spell

Classical String Music for weddings and events
Aptera Strings
Bluewater Kings Band

Classical Piano Performances:
Five Chromatic Dances by William Albright
Shostakovich Cello Sonata Op. 40
Oblivion for Piano Trio by Astor Piazzolla


Minor Characters
We Can't Be Wrong

The Bransfield Strait
The Bransfield Strait

Hadley Kennary
Self-titled Debut

Joe MontanaroGad Fly film score

Matthew Shelton’s Picnic
filmed for Strobe Sessions Episode 41

Beautiful Interiors
Surgery/Embroidery - Beard

Careful Q Maybe Just A Little Bit A Lot  "Dream After Dream" "Giraffes Move in Herds"

Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Baudelaire in a Box
Monica BouBou, Whitney Johnson (Matchess), Bobby Conn, and Azita

Wrekmeister Harmonies
 Then it All Came Down, You've Always Meant So Much To Me

Lee DeWyze (American Idol winner, season 9)
What Once Was “Maybe I Might” “Fallen”  Slumberland “Stay”

Justin Roberts
Recess "Recess" "Looking For Trains" (Grammy-nominated album 2013)

Bone & Bell  Mourning Brume 

The Rutabega
Brother The Lights Don’t Work, Unreliable Narrator

Very Truly Yours
Girls Tell You Secrets/Sleep In The Clouds 7”

Hospital Garden
Haunter “Pact” “Untitled 2″, Mover "Untitled 3"

Leningrad Dutch
Tonight You Belong to Me