NbN Trio (Nora Barton, Billie Howard, and Nomi Epstein) explores sonic textures through manipulation of acoustic instruments.  While the three instruments of the ensemble -  cello, violin, and inside of the piano - monopolize the sound space, there is extensive involvement of found sound, and/or percussive instruments by all three members of the trio.  The ensemble works carefully to investigate various color combinations between instrumental forces, while also creating juxtapositions of textural strata. Interests in sound dimensions include types of white noise, the juxtaposition of sound and noise, and the degree of clarity of pitch within sound.

NbN’s improvisations encourage the listener to investigate subtle aspects of sonic movement where sensory details become heightened through concentrated and focused listening.

NbN Trio was a Sponsred Artist in residence at High Concept Labs during the Fall 2012 season. NbN has performed at Constellation, Heaven Gallery, Elastic Arts, Experimental Sound Studio, High Concept Laboratories, the Poetry Foundation, and the DePaul Art Museum. 

The Trio's debut album was recorded at Experimental Sound Studio and will be released in 2018.