Akosuen  /aa-KŌZ-eh-win/  is a composition project involving sounds that focus on breathing cycles, chronic pain, and mediation on both quiet and extremely loud sounds. The Akosuen ensemble has appeared as solo synth and voice, operatic voice and violin, a trio playing prepared piano and percussion, a six-piece doom band, and an eight-member female chorus.  

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special guests:
Isadora Zidore - voice, piano, baritone guitar
Nate Kappes - drums, piano
Nora Barton - piano, cello
Jesse Giallombardo - organ, bass
Heather Smith - voice
Courtney Mora - voice
Whitney Johnson - voice, viola
Hanna Brock - voice, bass violin
Kara McCanna - violin, voice
Elanor Leskiw - voice, trombone
Brendan Finucane - cello
Ronnie Kuller - violin
Traci Newhouse - viola
Becca Wilcox - viola
DJ Adam LeDeuce - samples, electronics